28 January 2011

Catching up again

The weather has been absolutely stunning the last few days. We've spent the early evenings outside, leaving dinner until later, it's been just wonderful. I've captured some great photos, two of which are below.


Day 25 - 25/01/2011

Glorious Light

Day 26 - 26/01/2011

Mumma's Boy

Day 27 - 27/01/2011



Miss Becky said...

Emma I love the new look. doing the code yourself is awesome to me. I struggle with that and finally have to let it be as it just isn't something I can work with and have any results other than tweaking a number here and there. I love the blue of your header and the white rose is perfect! that you have such beautiful weather this time of year is foreign to me, but that sky is glorious.

Anita said...

Good to see I'm in great company in the lagging department! ;)

What deep deep soulful eyes your babe has!

The Clip Cafe said...

Your shots are always such a delight to look at. Love the dandelion and the sky and of course your boy is gorgeous!!!

Emma said...

Thank you ladies :)

Zoe said...

He has really lovely eyes!