25 February 2011

Catching up again

I've been really slack this past week! Apologies to my regular visitors, I promise to get my act into gear ;) Now onto the photos.....

Skyscape - 20/02/2011

This was taken after a few days of yucky weather. It was wonderful to see the sun shining again.

Plucked - 21/02/2011

Yet again my little guy has been retrieving the unfurling rose buds just for me. I currently have three in what's become known as the rose dish lol

Blankie and The Kid - 22/02/2011

My grandmother made this blanket for me before I was born. Jack now adores it. He cuddles up on my lap every night with it wrapped around him. It warms my heart to seem him snuggle up in it.

Angel of Mine - 23/02/2011

Can you see it? The angel in the clouds? I didn't notice it when I took the photo but while I was reviewing the shots from the beach on my laptop.

Sticky Scrolls - 24/02/2011

Homemade Cinnamon Scrolls......YUM!


fairchildstreet said...

love the rose photo. Charmaine

Sharon said...

Gorgeous pictures...especially the cinnamon scrolls YUM :)

The Clip Cafe said...

Well worth the wait I love them all!! How do you get the DOF in the scroll pic?

Emma said...

Macro mode V, and I got as close to the scroll as I could while maintaining good focus. :)