03 April 2011

Major catch up

I've got so far behind with posting my 365 shots, it's just unreal. Naughty me lol

This is what I've captured over the last 19 days.

16th and 17th of March

18th and 19th of March

20th and 21st of March

22nd and 23rd of March

24th and 25th of March

26th and 27th of March

28th and 29th of March

30th and 31st of March

1st and 2nd of April

3rd of April

Phew that was a lot to get through! I kept putting off posting a catch up because it seemed so daunting. Now I'll just have to stay up to date won't I?

I'm looking forward to catching up with all my favourite readers and fellow photogs now too. :)


Flower Photography said...

Great lots! I love the mix of B+W and colour shots!

Miss Becky said...

I agree with Flower Photography. great mix, and I've missed seeing your lovely photos! Glad you're back Emma.

Ky said...

These are great shots! That last one is a beauty! I love macro.