07 July 2011

It's official......

I fell off the bandwagon :( In my defense, I've been terribly sick, we all have. It's been so bad that Brock missed 2 weeks of school and my husband who never gets sick slept for 2 days straight.

So I've got a few photos to show you today from before we got sick, but I've got no photos to show from the 25th of June through to today, the 7th of July. So I'm going to be 12 days behind and my Project 365 won't finish until the 12th of January now.

Now on with the photos!

Gamer in training!
171/365 - 20/06/2011

Rascally Rosie
172/365 - 21/06/2011

Rainy Day Games
173/365 - 22/06/2011

174/365 - 23/06/2011

Sick Kid
175/365 - 24/06/2011

176/365 - 25/06/2011


Ms. Becky said...

I've been missing you Emma. not to worry, the project continues and all is well, because your photos are remarkable. love the Glorious, and Tattered, and Rascally Rosie. I hope you're all healing and on the road to recovery. take good care.

Paula said...

Emma, sorry it's been so long between comments and that you've had a rough time with illness all round. Your photos are lovely - especially like tattered and your 'sick kid' looks adorable :)